Monday, December 20, 2010

Ornament Gallery Sale

The local artists got together to make unique one of a kind Christmas Ornaments. Local shoppers came through to buy and pick Ornaments from either their favorite artist or one that caught their eye. Hand made little treasures made from wood, glass, and paper, painted with paint and some dusted with glitter. It was a great way for the artist to display their work, talent and imagination. I decided to give people an Art lesson with my Roy Lichtenstein and Miro Ornaments. A bit of art history to hang on a tree.

Have a safe and Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Until next Year..

Stay Creative


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gallery Wrap

What is a Gallery Wrap? Here the artist Judy B. took brown paper and wrapped the Art Gallery. Challenging herself in seeing if she can take 4 gallery walls and completely wrap them in paper. Then applying gesso which is a white paint mixture. Its used for art work as a preparation for surfaces such as wood panels, canvases, as a base for paint and other materials that are applied over it. In this case it was applied to the paper, then painted over using oil paint. The process took the artist about 22 hours to come up with painting 22 abstract paintings. On a Thursday evening the doors were opened at the Gallery for viewing. Paint still dripping wet and the Artist with tiered eyes, it was a success. Pieces were available for purchase with a cut of a scissor and a pick of your choice.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Remembering The Dreamer John Lennon

Remember John Lennon "You May Say that I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one."

Let Me take you Down cause I'm going to...
Strawberry Fields Forever 72 Street NYC

He Flew in just in time to be the model in my shot of Imagination..

Observing the Observers, strumming songs, snapping photos, Inspiring and imagining .

Art in the form of Photography. On a summer afternoon in NYC, there in front of me was Strawberry Fields. A memorial for the former Beatles, Artist, Poet John Lennon. Inspired, in shock, amazed can only describe the few emotions I felt as I took these photos. The Rebel, Thinker thought as many of us may, trying to "imagine" a world reborn more generous, better maybe a bit more humane then it currently is.

There are dreamers in all of us somewhat built in.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Expressions" Art in all mediums

Artist John B.
Medium Watercolor

Fly Girl
Artist ViVe
Medium Acrylic

Here are two works of Art from the Gallery Show "Expressions" Art in all mediums. On a Thursday evening the Gallery was filled with an eclectic crowd. Having to Share the Art evening with another local Artist John B. who also had paintings on display. While his were more traditional works of Art and what the local community is used to seeing (landscapes, portraits). There we were Expressing ourselves. Working the crowd I felt that nervous feeling leave my body. Such positive feed back and an eagerness to know more. The highlight of the evening was when I got to meet a Graffiti artist whose works have hit Galleries, Streets and Train rails. There looks to be more to come from this experience and new ventures. Although I just wet my feet I'm read to take the dive!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Comic Con

Toy Vendors, Comic Vendors, people dressed in Cos play. Fighting through the crowded lines, as people wait to get an autograph from their favorite superstar. There I was fighting to see live Art from various comic Artists. So many Artists on view each with a unique style. In a sense drawing you in so you can get a glance at their hand crafted pieces. As your the on looker they as well are looking for that person who will own a piece of their valued work.
It was great to stand behind a group of people all watching. An on looker would ask a question from ; What got you started? to How long have they been doing this line of work? All with very similar answers. It ranged from 8 to as long as 15 years but they all said I have been an Artist all my life and will you take that as my final answer. Some would argue that "Comic Art" is not a true Art form. Though anything that you can visualize in you mind and can put on paper is truly a masterpiece (in any form).
I managed to take a picture of what I shall call the Art Mile. Take a look what they have to offer they may amaze you like they did me.

Tommy Castillo -
Nigel Sade -
Arthur Suydam -

Friday, November 5, 2010

Still Dreaming

It seems as though I am still dreaming. This time "the dream" has been presented to me, in the form of my own Art Show. By chance I was sitting in a crowded room and presented with this offer. Nervous, Anxious, and Confused I am counting down the days till "Expression" Art in all mediums is here. The "Expression" being the multiple forms an artist can create.
Through creativity I am able to express myself.

My Expression is Artwork....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Art Of Justin Bua

Harlem rose
As the wind blows through the cracks, of the hustle and bustle of the NYC sidewalk.
Emerges through the crack,Harlem's rose.
Vibrations of hip hop, salsa, RnB help break it from its seam.

Justin Bua and his Harlem rose tributes the great voices of the Harlem's Renaissance.
The legacy left behind but not forgotten as new female artists' come forth paving their way.
So that their voices may never fade.


When boom boxes and break dancing took the streets and shaped culture.
Those days became the non-violent outlet where rival gangs challenged each other.

Justin Bua with his Urban Sabor (flavor) and graffiti esq style. Has been setting the artworld for years with his NYC roots. An established artist with and outstanding following.
His works and not limited to:

Comedy Central "Urbania" Television Animation. Created and directed the pilot for ½ hour animated series
Playstation "Streetballer" Created characters and
MTV's "Lyricist Lounge" Directed and animated opening title sequence
Reebok Commercial Wrote & story boarded the ad for Puff Daddy

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Art Festival

Artists gathered in one place to sell one thing they all have in common which is Art. Over 50+ vendors from Fl, LA,, TX, and NYC. They gathered to sell original work and reprints, for those on a budget and wanting to support the love of all things art related. Metal works made into robot chickens, metal tanks with funky little people atop. Think I saw the garden Nome being taken away. Glass blowers who made water fountains, glass human sculptures to vases, beautiful pieces that seemed to shine as the suns rays hit them. All types, shapes, sizes of mixed media, wood working and paintings. So many on hand to take you and make you pause to stare. Makes you feel inspired, imaginative. Where ever that place may be in your mind when you look at art or how your interpret it.

These are two of the cards I got to grab from the Artists' themselves. Gabe Leonard an artist from LA,CA had oil paintings of outlaws, musicians and mobsters. His paintings of Jimmy Hendrix was so captivating. The choice of color to the movement was so perfect. To view his works yourself go to
John Hung Ha work was on display and ready for purchase. Colorful , vibrant and eyepoping colors brought you in with his Koi painting, little panda sporting funky purple sunglasses. they were so playful and full of color. To view more of his works you can visit

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Graffiti Train

One of the advantages of living by a train yard. Normally trains would be just another thing flying by over looked. If you stop and take notice every once and a while, you'll see they are big murals. If only I had the opportunity to abuse such a canvas, without the chances of being arrested. Couldn't help myself to stop and snap a few low quality shots to share and take notice that art is all around and instead of stopping to smell the flowers, stop and gaze at train cargo.

"Some people become Police to make the world a better place, some people become vandals to make the world a better looking place."

Friday, March 19, 2010

Gallery Day : Shades Of Green Exibit

Main Street Gallery: Recycled works into art
Holding my breath not sure to release what was left. Black walls, white lights,the setting was like a stage. Only it wasn't me standing there in the luminous light. Only held up by a single nail was dances of colors created into art. Standing there was my art staring at me, standing there amazed it was looking back at me. From oil painted trees in all shades of green, to robots in a draw nails in its' heart. A big metal bird with a peek-a-boo door, to mazes on a wall made of egg carton.

Anything under the sun is beautiful if you have the vision — it is the seeing of the thing that makes it so…The painter…must show people more than they already see…Here is where art comes in.
-Charles W. Hawthorne

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Took a trip then a turn and full circle I have returned. Jan., Feb. (missed Valentines Day), here we are in March. As the branches bud with leaves so have I. With news that March 19, 2010 my art will be featured in the Shades of Green exhibit. My art as well as other local artists, will put on display recycled material in all different forms of art. Never thought this winding road would leave me to actually submit something for people to dissect with their eyes.
Thank you for everyone's encouraging words and support. Within me is bits of everyone and with all of you in mind is how I am inspired to create.