Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Expressions" Art in all mediums

Artist John B.
Medium Watercolor

Fly Girl
Artist ViVe
Medium Acrylic

Here are two works of Art from the Gallery Show "Expressions" Art in all mediums. On a Thursday evening the Gallery was filled with an eclectic crowd. Having to Share the Art evening with another local Artist John B. who also had paintings on display. While his were more traditional works of Art and what the local community is used to seeing (landscapes, portraits). There we were Expressing ourselves. Working the crowd I felt that nervous feeling leave my body. Such positive feed back and an eagerness to know more. The highlight of the evening was when I got to meet a Graffiti artist whose works have hit Galleries, Streets and Train rails. There looks to be more to come from this experience and new ventures. Although I just wet my feet I'm read to take the dive!

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MarvelousMightyMommyMichele said...

When the break is over, we should go frame and ribbon shopping...I've started making hair bows and I can't stop (it's madness I tell you) Loved your work and can't wait to see more.