Monday, November 29, 2010

Comic Con

Toy Vendors, Comic Vendors, people dressed in Cos play. Fighting through the crowded lines, as people wait to get an autograph from their favorite superstar. There I was fighting to see live Art from various comic Artists. So many Artists on view each with a unique style. In a sense drawing you in so you can get a glance at their hand crafted pieces. As your the on looker they as well are looking for that person who will own a piece of their valued work.
It was great to stand behind a group of people all watching. An on looker would ask a question from ; What got you started? to How long have they been doing this line of work? All with very similar answers. It ranged from 8 to as long as 15 years but they all said I have been an Artist all my life and will you take that as my final answer. Some would argue that "Comic Art" is not a true Art form. Though anything that you can visualize in you mind and can put on paper is truly a masterpiece (in any form).
I managed to take a picture of what I shall call the Art Mile. Take a look what they have to offer they may amaze you like they did me.

Tommy Castillo -
Nigel Sade -
Arthur Suydam -

Friday, November 5, 2010

Still Dreaming

It seems as though I am still dreaming. This time "the dream" has been presented to me, in the form of my own Art Show. By chance I was sitting in a crowded room and presented with this offer. Nervous, Anxious, and Confused I am counting down the days till "Expression" Art in all mediums is here. The "Expression" being the multiple forms an artist can create.
Through creativity I am able to express myself.

My Expression is Artwork....