Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can Art

Ever drank a can of soda and wondered what to do with it? In my eyes and mind everything is a paintable surface. I do give back to Mother Earth by doing my part, creating art. What's unique is that the can creates a unique surface to paint on.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Spray Art

You have probably noticed these fast sharp shooters with spray cans. The Spray Can as their tool, making surreal landscapes of planets, comets, pyramids, cities, and nature scenes. These Spray Arts can be made in masses because they can be quickly produced (thanks to their drying time). Me passing them by in NYC, Times Square is how I remember them. Standing on the cold concrete amazed at how quickly hands have to move to acquire a finished piece. They are found far and wide from the streets of LA, NYC, UK, Hawaii, it’s global. It is said to have been started in the 80’s in Mexico but I’m sure it dates farther than that. There are differences between me and them they do them on the street and I make them in my garage. It becomes so enjoyable to make Spray Art for the speed in takes to complete one. It’s hard to achieve an identical piece making each one unique.